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Questions and Answers

Which type of therapy is right for me? 

You don’t need to pick a style of therapy. Our psychologists and counsellors will begin by finding out about you and what issues you might need help with. Based on your circumstances, they may suggest a particular therapeutic approach. Click here to learn more about these approaches. Alternatively, your therapist may use a variety of these methods. Click here http://khmer-cps.com/en/contact-us/ (change to /kh/ for Khmer) to contact the KCPS team and discuss how you would like to begin your therapy journey. 


How much does it cost?

Each service is different – the cost will vary. KCPS values good service and helping clients above financial profit, so we will always try to keep price to a minimum for all customers. Where possible, we offer training and additional services to existing service users for free or at discounted price. We aim to be upfront and transparent about cost. Contact us http://khmer-cps.com/en/contact-us/ (change to /kh/ for Khmer) to find out about the cost of:

  • KCPS full day or half day school program
  • 1 hour counselling sessions
  • Online training courses
  • Monthly parent training 
  • Ongoing counselling
  • Private tuition 


Will my family feel shame if I have a mental health problem?

Our therapists are either Cambodian, or have lived in Cambodia for many years. We understand the effect that family, community and culture have on our wellbeing. While we recommend building a strong support system, confidentiality is central to our code of ethics at KCPS. Nobody will know you attend counselling, or anything discussed in your session, unless you tell them. 

If you are suffering from a psychological or emotional problem, it is important that you seek help. 


When will this problem be fixed? 

There is no way to know how long a problem will last. Therapy is not often an immediate cure, but the earlier you start receiving help, the sooner you will begin healing. Some mental issues (for example autism) are a life-long condition, but early intervention can minimise the impact throughout a person’s life. Other problems (for example depression) may come and go from time to time. It is possible for some people to eliminate an issue completely (for example sleep disorder) with the right support. 

Visit our information page http://khmer-cps.com/en/​​​ to find out more about each problem, or contact us http://khmer-cps.com/en/contact-us/  to arrange a session. 

Why choose us?

We are a team who are highly experienced and qualified in psychology, counselling/psychotherapy, supervision, personal and professional growth training, and psycho-education. We offer the best quality services through evidence-based practice and treatment at a reasonable price. We highly value and respect our clients. We provide unconditional positive regard to our clients. Confidentiality is central to our code of ethics.

Confidentiality is central to our code of ethics